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We are technology

In today's demanding environment, companies require more complex and stable applications for their customers. We provide the technologies to help businesses compete at a cost that won't break the bank.


We are human

Our seasoned professionals are there for you night and day. We assign all accounts to a representative that will understand the needs you require.


Baldanza Solutions provides a wide range of services, including

Web and Mobile

We provide web and mobile services. Whether you need a new website or updates to an existing mobile app, we can do it all.
We specialize in iPhone® and Android® development and can help you reach new customers through a wide range of options.

Design and Build

We help our customers build and design new environments or applications so that the company can focus on doing what it does best. Let us help you build your new datacenter in AWS® or Azure® today!

Maintain and Repair

Have an old application that isn't working any longer? We can help fix the problem so you can be back in business.


We offer one on one training to your employee or teams so they can be more productive in supporting your business faster.

Dedicated Support

Have an emergency after hours? Call one of our professionals so we can help fix the problem together!

Easy Billing

We put a lot of effort into making the billing process as simple as possible.
Our up front and transparent costs make it easy to understand where you're spending the company's hard earned money.

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"Baldanza Solutions helped my CPA firm configure, install, and setup various things around the office. They migrated our file servers to OneDrive and setup printing and scanning across all our devices in a single visit"

Claudia Andrade Kajanoja, CPA
Owner Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting
"Baldanza Solutions got our mobile app running on Amazon AWS servers. Using AWS's powerful service, we were able to quickly scale and provide our platform to our users."
Salah Litim

Salah Litim
Founder & CEO at Bravu

Strategic Consulting